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  • Whole Pepper
    A premium Product. The product is finely selected cleaned and dried. It is known as the spice of immunity.  
  • Chilli Powder
    One of the most frequently used ingredients in Indian cooking, chilli powder is a blend of potency and lively color. chilli is a powerful spice with remarkable uses and benefits. chilli adds a certain bite to the food and makes your meal experience much more enjoyable   Uses of chilli powder : Use the kick of chilli powder to create lively delicacies of Indian kitchens. It enhances the taste of your meals even more.   Benefits of chilli powder : Weight loss : Consuming chilli produces heat in your body and improves thermogenesis in conjunction with utilization of oxygen, thus burning up lots of calories. Lessening of the need to eat and an enhanced rate of metabolism are some of the positives of eating red chilies. It assists in the creation of gastric juices which are very important for the appropriate performance of the metabolic mechanism. Accelerate your body's fat burning ability when you exercise with the help of red chilli powder. Improve body’s immune system : chilli 's bright red color indicates an immense blend of beta-carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Due to this reason; chilli is an exceptional inexpensive alternative that can help you maintain a great immune system. Alleviates common cold : Consuming chilli is a trustworthy way of fighting common colds since it helps in clearing nasal and lungs congestion. Great for diabetics : chilli minimizes the insulin that the body needs to make the blood sugars bring down by up to 60 percent. Also, when chilli is a part of your daily diet, the insulin prerequisites can even plummet lower. Enhances cardiovascular health : The benefits that accompany consuming a diet that is consists of chilli incorporate; a decrease of blood cholesterol, triglyceride levels, and platelet aggregation. It additionally energizes your body's capacity in dissolving fibrin, which has a noteworthy part in clotting blood. Likewise, a meal with hot chilli will shield your body fats from getting damaged and induce better sleep. Safety profile of chilli powder :  Consuming too much chilli powder may be tricky for some people as it causes irritation to the stomach and the throat. Nonetheless, using in moderation wouldn’t cause irritation or any other troubles.   Handling chilli Powder : Chilli powder should be kept in a cool, dry place and away from the harmful rays of the sun. Extreme humidity will cause the powder to solidify. Chilli powder should be kept in air-tight containers as prolonged exposure to the air would dissipate its aroma and flavor
  • Crushed Chilli Powder
    Hessa Crushed Chillies flakes contain the flesh and seeds of whole chillies; if you want to add a warm, fiery punch to a dish, then look no further. Crushed chilies can really spice up a meal and are often used in Indian dishes and are also used as a table condiment in many cultures to add heat.
  • Wheat Flour
    Wheat powder is a high quality product that is used for making rotis and other bakery items. It has a mild taste and smooth texture. Make your and your family’s favorite "treats" and also give them required a nutritional value. It’s a super powder with benefits that has catapulted its status to a whole new level. Try Hessa’s wheat powder range to enjoy the benefits of this domestic crop that has ruled hearts of the public for centuries.   Uses of Wheat powder : Wheat is very important to the food industry. Wheat powder is used for various purposes, right from making delicious rotis, to moist bread and cookies as well. Bread, pasta, bagels, crackers, cakes, and muffins are only a small portion of the list of foods that are made with Wheat powder.   Benefits of Wheat powder : Wheat powder contains some of the healthiest fats, carbohydrates and even proteins. These nutrients are essential in lowering the risk of developing metabolic disorders. The fiber in wheat bread reduces constipation. It also contains vitamins and minerals along with antioxidants and vitamin E. Wheat powder is considered as high-fiber food which helps in boosting the metabolic rate. In this way, it contributes to keeping the body weight under control. It is a misnomer that eating wheat products will make you fat. It provides a good amount of insoluble fibre which helps in preventing gallstones. Consumption of wheat Atta is believed to protect the body against the risk of insulin resistance. Insulin resistance may lead to visceral obesity, low levels of protective high-density lipoprotein, cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Thus, it aids in maintaining a healthy heart by providing sufficient protection against cardiovascular disorders. Diabetics can benefit greatly from a diet that includes wheat. Researchers have proven that wheat is linked to lowering the risk of diabetes mellitus Type-2 disease. Hence, daily consumption of wheat atta is recommended.   Safety profile of Wheat powder : Wheat powder is pretty safe unless you are allergic to wheat. In that case, your body creates antibodies to fight the invader which may cause breathing problem or even lead to stomach upsets, wheezing and skin rashes.   Handling Wheat powder : Wheat powder should be kept in a cool, dry place and away from the harmful rays of the sun. Exposure to heat will dissipate its aroma and essences. Sunlight will cause the Wheat to lose its color. Extreme humidity will cause the powder to solidify. Wheat powder should be kept in air-tight containers as prolonged exposure to the air would dissipate its aroma and flavor When frozen, the Wheat powder can last up to 6 months.
  • Turmeric Powder
    One of the most frequently used ingredients in Indian cooking, Hessa Turmeric powder is a blend of pure quality, lively color, and fresh aroma. It is a powerful spice with remarkable uses, benefits and it's known for its antioxidant content and ability to work as an anti- inflammatory agent.   Uses of Turmeric powder : Almost all Indian dishes and kitchen preparations make use of turmeric. It has also been used as a vegetable or salad dressing, giving them that extra yellow-orange tint and appearance. Turmeric powder has almost no calories and zero cholesterol. It may be the most effective 100% naturally occurring nutritional supplement in existence.   Benefits of Turmeric powder : Research has shown that curcumin in turmeric inhibits cancer growth, development and spread at the molecular level. It is a great antiseptic substance. It is used for burns, bruises etc. Turmeric root is used as skin care product by Indian women. For mouth ulcers, turmeric powder is used. You should add a teaspoon of turmeric powder in the boiled milk and take for a couple of days before going to bed. Mouth ulcers will vanish. It has the capacity to cure acute cold and cough. The turmeric powder is added to boiled water to make a paste and applied to the forehead to cure cold and cough. Turmeric protects against certain liver diseases as it is a natural way to detoxify your liver. Turmeric controls the development of Type 2 Diabetes. Turmeric lessens insulin resistance and prevents type 2 diabetes; hence its regular consumption in food will be beneficial even for people who are not pre-diabetic. As curcumin is a potent anti-inflammatory, it helps with arthritic inflammatory pain. Curcumin helps in weight loss and decreases the occurrence of obesity-related diseases. Turmeric delays aging, Free radicals cause oxidative damage to DNA and proteins and are associated with a variety of chronic diseases. Curcumin helps curb these conditions.   Safety profile of Turmeric powder Turmeric powder is safe with no side effects when consumed optimally.   Handling Turmeric powder :  Turmeric powder should be kept in a cool, dry place and away from the harmful rays of the sun. Exposure to heat will dissipate its aromatic oils and essences. Sunlight will cause the turmeric to lose its color. Extreme humidity will cause the powder to solidify. Turmeric powder should be kept in air-tight containers as prolonged exposure to the air would dissipate its aroma and flavor
  • Coriander Powder
    Used often in cooking Indian delicacies, Coriander powder is high quality and aromatic. Coriander is one such spice that adds great aroma and flavor to a variety of culinary delights. Apart from it, coriander brings many physical health benefits and help in prevention and cure of many diseases.   Uses of Coriander powder : Coriander powder finds its place in most cuisines across the world. Besides being a condiment used to add flavor to dishes, it is also regarded as an herb with health benefits according to Ayurveda.   Benefits of Coriander powder : Coriander powder is gluten-free and has antioxidant properties that help to promote health and prevent many diseases. Coriander is an amazing source of many essential fatty acids and essential oils. Such ingredients help in bringing antiflatulent and digestive properties in coriander seeds. Just like other spices, coriander is a rich source of dietary fiber and help in easing constipation condition. Unlike most other dry spices that do not have anti-oxidant vitamin C, coriander has plenty of this. This is also beneficial for women with heavy menstrual flow. Coriander is also known as an anti-diabetic plant as it helps to lower the level of blood sugar by stimulating the secretion of insulin. It also helps the heart by lowering bad cholesterol and increasing the level of good cholesterol. This also helps in purifying blood and helps in treating pimples and acne. As an infusion, coriander has been used for children's diarrhea, digestive problems, griping, anorexia and griping. It is also believed to help encourage a positive mental outlook affecting creativity, imagination, confidence, memory, optimism, sincerity and enthusiasm. Modern research has shown that coriander helps promote healthy digestion and can cause a mild euphoria in people who take it. It has also been revealed to have anti-inflammatory, sedative, and analgesic properties making it suitable for arthritis and intestinal problems.   Safety profile of Coriander powder : Coriander powder is considered non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing, and mixes well with other herbal supplements including lemon, tea tree, lavender, peppermint, clove, cinnamon, ginger, jasmine, and sandalwood.   Handling Coriander powder : Coriander powder should be kept in a cool, dry place and away from the harmful rays of the sun. Exposure to heat will dissipate its aroma and essences. Sunlight will cause the Coriander to lose its color. Extreme humidity will cause the powder to solidify. Coriander powder should be kept in air-tight containers as prolonged exposure to the air would dissipate its aroma and flavor

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  • Pepper Powder
    The best part about Pepper powder, aside from the great taste, is how good they are for you. Peppers have a spicy image for a very good reason. They can make an otherwise bland dish tasty, and they come in such an array of colors, peppers also...
  • Ragi Powder
    These shriveled, bite-sized morsels of sweetness offer a healthy snack and burst of energy. Kerala produces the most raisins, followed by Turkey. It is popular in south India.   This high protein mineral content powder food is...

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Our brands spell care, respect and integrity. We pride in giving quality to our customers and that is why we are the preferred and organic choice for individuals and families alike. Try our exclusive range of Rice Powder , Wheat Powder and Ragi Powder

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